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smartcanula in Heart Surgery: Superior Blood Flow and Minimized Trauma!

Discover our smartcanula, designed to improve cardiac surgery outcomes. Achieve superior blood flow with a smaller access point.
Access to the vascular system is a key issue for cardiopulmonary bypass, and other types of extracorporeal circulation.

Meet the founder

Prof. Ludwig von Segesser
Founder & Passionate User

  • Former Head of Cardiovascular Surgery at University Hospital Lausanne
  • Inventor of smartcanula & Symetis heart valve acquired by Boston Scientific
  • Author of 790 publications

Meet the Team

Dr. Andreas Terpin

  • +20 years in MedTech
  • CEO of mid double digit €m MedTech company
  • Managed turnaround & revenue increase from EUR 36M to EUR 56M

Nils Dudenhoefer

  • +8 years in MedTech
  • Business & strategy development
  • Project management in R&D | Financial focus | Portfolio pruning

Melissa Puscher
Head of Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory compliance and quality initiatives

Raimondo Casu
International Product Specialist (Consultant)

  • Expert of fluid dynamics in cardiopulmonary
  • Deep knowledge of cardiac surgery procedures
  • Long experience in operating room

Angela Gruenhagen
Head of Medical Affairs

  • +20 years in MedTech
  • Deep knowledge of clinical research
  • Extensive experience in pediatric and neonatal intensive care

smartcanula - Our Story

“Success comes to those who hustle while they wait.” – Thomas Alva Edison

With over two decades of unwavering commitment, we’ve pursued the innovation and evolution of our smartcanulas since our patent application in 2001.

smartcanula proudly counts Professor Ludwig von Segesser, a luminary in the field of cardiovascular surgery, as our founder. His training across Geneva, Houston, and Zurich, as well as memberships in prestigious surgical societies, underlines his expertise.

Professor von Segesser’s extensive publications and patents, coupled with his affiliations in 30+ scientific societies and 10 editorial boards, reflect his dedication.

In medicine, there’s always work to be done. As Professor von Segesser notes, “It’s not about inventing something and searching for an application; it’s about solving the problems medicine presents.“

Starting his medical journey at the University of Basel, Ludwig von Segesser found his true calling in surgery. His mission was clear: „Do something, not just discuss!“

His foray into heart surgery revealed opportunities for improvement in machines, implants, cardiac valves, tubes, and various medical devices.

Professor von Segesser’s lifelong research focus spans cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, modification of artificial blood-carrying surfaces, mechanical circulatory support, pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgery, and minimally invasive procedures.

This relentless pursuit of innovation facilitated continuous collaboration with research departments for testing and refining his ideas.

The concept of the intelligent venous canula was first introduced to the technology transfer office at the University Hospital of Lausanne. Following patent application, numerous bench tests, and trials, the smartcanula was successfully used in human surgeries in 2004. That same year, Professor Ludwig von Segesser established smartcanula in Lausanne as a privately-owned company, which remained the case until 2021.

No Future without Origin
In early 2022, we were excited to join forces with BloodWiringSystems GmbH, a strategic partner based in Frankfurt, sharing the vision and unique canula technology of Professor von Segesser.

Our immediate goals include obtaining MDR certification for the venous drainage smartcanula and forging additional sales partnerships.

As we look ahead, we anticipate a future filled with new challenges, projects, and unceasing work in the field of medicine.


Femoral Venous Cannulation for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Three Years Experience with
Wall-less, Self-expandable
Cannula (2021)
Clinical Experience in Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery With Virtually Wall-Less
Venous Cannulas (2018)

Clinical Experience With A Self-expandable Venous Cannula During Cardiopulmonary Bypass In Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (2018)

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CH-1005 Lausanne

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